Photography is a talent. It is used to capture a slice of time. It is used to identify, to sell, to differentiate. Photography is, like all art, the marriage of skill and vision.

I know so many tremendous photographers, and I have not always appreciated the nuance required of photographing things or people or places.

Here, I want to draw your attention to two photographers of note in my professional life, but know that so many others around me are notable, too.

Sheradee Hurst took my (and my cohorts’) headshots a few years ago. They are thoughtful and quiet and perfectly within my comfort zone. I cannot bring myself to have them replaced. Mrs. Hurst specializes in freezing time for people and, more newly, in helping other photographers grow their businesses by empowering their art.

Audrey Dodgen rearranged the mixed offerings of my studio and photographed the heart of Indelible Words. It was not until I met Ms. Dodgen’s work that I understood what it was to photograph things well. Few can make a ladle of cheese sauce look like art, but Ms. Dodgen lives among them. For samples of her work and to discuss projects, and while she rebuilds her website, you can send a message to audrey(at)audreydodgen(dot)com.

Thank you to these women whose art has so impacted my own! Now, go hire them to art with you.

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