How They Met

I adore family stories. My parents told about events that happened before my time. Later, I would correct them if they didn’t tell a tale the same way. Mom would say that I remembered them better than she did in later life. These stories were written on my heart.


Their “how we met” story is one of my favorites. It was Fall 1931. Mom was fifteen years old. Dad was twenty-two. Mom and her friend were walking home after a play party. Some may not know about play parties. A play party was a gathering for the young people of the community with music, games, and treats. It was and it wasn’t the same as a dance. Mom couldn’t go to dances but she could to a play party. Mom was eating a banana as she walked.

Two guys galloped their horses up behind them stopping suddenly behind them. They thought it would startle the girls. The girls ignored them as the young men tried to talk to them. Mom finished her banana and threw the peel over her shoulder. It landed in Dad’s face. He jumped off his horse, mad, and Mom laughed. That was it.

15 - 1926 - Walter & Custer by a well drill copy 9a2478f5-46b5-487e-8587-e2c536b19758

The families had some shared history before their meeting. My paternal grandfather, John, was a carpenter. Dad learned the art of carpentry from him. My maternal grandfather left to pursue other jobs for a few years.  When he moved his family back to the hills of Southeastern Oklahoma, he decide to rebuild the rig that had run down from the years of neglect. He asked around for a carpenter and everyone recommended John Bell. John fixed the well drilling rig and Walter drilled the Bells a water well. Bartering was a common currency of the day.


NOTE: Indelible Words will be offering classes on Family Traditions, Lore, and Heritage. Watch for these or contact us to host a class with one of these as your theme. Don’t let the stories you know be lost to future generations.

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  1. Trudy says:

    Love it! Granddad used that well drill many years.


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