What We Do

We write. That’s what we do. And we want to write with you.

The two ways we want to do that are classes and private client writing.

When we host classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, offering times in the morning and in the evening. All Tuesday classes are open topic, and all Thursday classes are assigned topic.

But how does a class work? Glad you asked! Up to six guests and one or two of us at Indelible Words meet at a library at the meeting time. The classes currently offered are treated as beginner classes that walk guests through the writing process from planning through publishing. By publishing, we simply mean that you are ready to share the piece with someone of your choice. We spend the time learning about the writing process and writing individually in a group.

Guests are never put on the spot to share anything but are welcome to share. Guests always own their words and stories. Guests are encouraged to write about their topics in a safe and nonthreatening environment, because group writing can be cathartic and dynamic.

So what is client writing? Individuals, couples, or groups can engage us in writing a minimemoir for them. This could be based on memories, family legends, upcoming celebrations, and other stories that clients wish to capture in words. An agreement is established in writing to state what all our expectations are and ensuring the clients that they always own their stories and will own our words for those stories upon payment.

If you are curious what we do or wonder if we could help you, contact us. We’d love to discuss your ideas and see if we can work some word magic with you!

Contact Indelible Words

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