When Experiences Are Not Treasured

We consider writing a gift we have cultivated. Through Indelible Words, we aim to help bring your experiences to words – your words, your voice, your story.

Please don’t think we require clients who are humorous or genealogists or creative or writers. We only require you. You be you. Whatever that is.

Over on an associated site, I shared a letter of tremendous personal import. Feel free to read it if you like. I mention it here because Tuesdays and Thursdays on Indelible Words are about what we do and how we do it, whereas most of IW is about telling personal stories.

The most vital thing to be written

is the thing to be set free.

It may be a thing you cannot share with the world, you must share with the world, or you must destroy. It may not be a specific memory of a single life event. It may be the dark stuff. The stuff you have to write out of your system.

We believe there is no one better suited to get your dark stuff out than yourself. And we know it can be as gut-wrenching as it is freeing. You don’t have to be alone. You can share it in the comments or send it to our inbox if that’s your outlet. We will only make the comment visible if you ask, and we will never use the email in any way. 

For these things of continued harm that cannot be allowed to stay in your life, write them and destroy them – burn the words (safely), shred them, rip them into a million pieces, fire them from your confetti canon.

But there can be other types – writings that you need to keep to hold yourself steady in your path. Write those, too, and keep them wherever they will best serve your purposes.

Communication can be a sacred act, but you need no one to make it happen. We are not here to intervene in your communication of experiences but to fortify you toward your goals.


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