A View from the Back Row

Pam.HSPhoto.WebSeventeen for a few more weeks, days after high school graduation, the bride knows her own mind. Nineteen for a while longer, a transplant from Kentucky after joining the United States Air Force, the groom has earned his place in her heart.Lloyd-HSPhoto.Web

Evidences of Sunday worship service fade into the background on a warming May afternoon. The pews fill with family, friends, and acquaintances, all speaking in hushed voices. Simple baskets of yellow gladiolas adorned with big shiny bows stand sentinel on the stage and whisper of summer. Light glances through amber glass windows.

The groom stands on the right side of the stage in a crisp blue uniform. One groomsman wears an identical uniform. The other, a stand in for the intended attendant, wears a suit. Center stage, the minister looks on, holding his Bible and memories of so many weddings.

Rows of finely dressed guests fall silent as they listen to the singing of two voices. A young woman begins the procession. The hem floats above her knee. Beneath sheer organza flocked with daisies, the pale yellow underlay shifts and drapes. She carries three long-stemmed gerber daisies, each broad and white, joined by a single ribbon of yellow. Next, the maid of honor, in a matching dress, slowly glides up the aisle. Only her flowers set her apart from the bridesmaid. Her bouquet boasts yellow gerber daisies joined by white satin ribbon.


Something old, a 1963 penny placed in the bride’s shoe for good luck. Something new, a lace-covered Bible carried with the bride’s bouquet. Something borrowed, the bride’s dress and veil from her sister-in-law. Something blue, the bride’s garter, now faded to a delicate lavender.

A pair of five-year-olds follows. The boy is dressed in a dark suit and carefully carries a white heart-shaped pillow with the rings over large decorative pins. The girl is wearing a dress to match the attendants and white tights. Her hair is all in curls. The handle of a small arched basket is in one hand as she pulls petals out with the other hand scattering them down the aisle.

The moment everyone has been waiting for has arrived.Then the speakers click as the tape of acapella music announces the bride on her father’s arm. The bride and her father appear in the doorway. The bride is the star of the day in her fairytale gown with lace tiers covering the full skirt and the bodice. A veil flows over her face from a crown of pearl beads. The bouquet rests on a lace Bible with streams flowing down from the bottom. A mixture of white daisies and carnations surround a delicate cymbidium orchid.

Dad is about to pop a button on his suit not because it is too tight but from pride. This is his baby and the only one of his seven children to plan a church wedding. The bride’s brother gives her a thumbs up as they pass. The Matron of Honor says something to the groom. He turns to look down the aisle and turns back to face the other way but not before the audience catches the look of deep emotion on his face.1970.05.24-l-Lloyd-&-Pam-copy.Web

The ceremony is sweet and smooth until the kiss. The groom lifts the veil to give the bride a gentle kiss before grabbing her for a long kiss. A ripple of giggles, laughter, and murmurings rise from the crowd. The glow of happiness in the couples’ eyes as they walked down the aisle values more than a thousand words. And the couple begins a lifetime of adventures not even they can anticipate.1970.05.24-t-Lloyd-&-Pam-cutting-cake-copy.Web

At Indelible Words, we are thrilled to capture your special celebrations in words. Whether you graduated last week or were engaged last year, whether your wedding is upcoming or is celebrating 46 years of life, we can help you capture your memories. Pairing words with the beautiful and timeless photographs you have can be a sweet way to honor a great day.

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