Build the Story Your Guests Will Remember

Every guest leaves your wedding with a story written in the textures, moments, and love of the experience. The story, for them, began from their earliest encounters with you and has been woven from strands of life you’ve shared. Guests bring that Before story with them to your ceremony and celebration; the After story will be written in the years to come. Your wedding rests in the in between and is distilled from their interactions with distinct elements of the day.

You are your wedding’s storyteller, and you’ve prepared for this. The guest experience you plan and dream will guide your guests’ perceptions of the story. Think about all the decisions you’ve made for your big day. Some of the choices are simple preferences or represent compromise, but others reflect the very fabric of your love.

These reflective choices are the ones that direct the story of the day. Here are a few things to consider when making reflective choices:

  • Talk to your planner or vendors. Let them know what story you want your guests to write on their hearts. Brainstorm which reflective choices could best tell that story.
  • If you have a wedding website, the story of the day starts there. Give a preview of the wedding experience by highlighting your most important content, whether snippets of your love story or the meanings behind your flowers.
  • Consider using signs at the ceremony and celebration. A sign at the bar might tell the personal inspiration for your signature cocktail. A sign can express that you chose a doughnut wall because you met in line at Krispy Kreme, or you chose colors to match the outfit worn on your first date.
  • Incorporate heirlooms into your ceremony. Beyond old, new, borrowed, and blue, continue a tradition or create one. For example, my mother carried a small, lace-covered Bible underneath her flowers, so my sister and I carried the same Bible in our weddings. Likewise, I used lace from my mother’s wedding dress to edge my ring pillow. Look for meaningful ways to echo the loves – that of grandparents, parents, friends, or other people you cherish – that helped you become you.
  • Integrate treasures into your celebration. Objects can hold tremendous meaning for who you have always been and who you are as a couple, and they can deepen the story experience for your guests. Think about displaying actual objects with museum-inspired display labels expressing the object’s significance. Or take a gallery approach. Arrange for your photographer to capture the components of your ceremony that hold tremendous meaning, perhaps your shoes or rings or flowers. Then frame the photos with a display label telling the story within your story.

With mindful intention, you can expand every guest’s insight into your wedding day. It’s your story – tell it!

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