At Indelible Words, we know your life is full of moments that matter. We are dedicated to helping you preserve those moments in writing, much like you might preserve them in photographs.

Our model is simple: You provide information that is personal to you, and we ghostwrite your personal story. Upon purchase, you own the words and may use them as you wish with or without crediting Indelible Words or any person who works on your project.

Meet our fulltimeĀ personal biographers


Pamela Young has been writing family histories for more than a decade. Her attention to detail catches the smallest moments that may count the most. She loves telling accurate and beautiful histories.


Amanda Salisbury has been a history student and lawyer. Now she writes full-time, devoting her creative energy to exquisite narratives. She isĀ a skilled and passionate storyteller.

Mother and daughter, Pamela and Amanda have worked side-by-side on creative projects for years. They know each other’s working methods and understand the shorthand of facial and body-language cues. Their dream has long been to write together.


If we can help capture your life’s story, send us a note through the Contact form, email inquiries(at)indeliblewords(dot)com, or call us at 405.204.7343 to schedule your free initial consultation via phone, Skype, or in-person meeting.


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