(Wo)man Plans; God Laughs

At Indelible Words, we are Christians who love all people and their stories. Today, I want to share a New Testament Bible passage with you. Come now, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to such and such a city, and spend a year there and engage in business and make a profit.” […]

How Tributes Expand a Wedding Story

Many couples miss someone on their wedding day. Death is not the only cause of an absent loved one. Illness, travel or expense constrictions, and military deployment are only a few of the other reasons the couple may opt to incorporate a tribute on their big day. The decision to include a tribute at the ceremony […]

Build the Story Your Guests Will Remember

Every guest leaves your wedding with a story written in the textures, moments, and love of the experience. The story, for them, began from their earliest encounters with you and has been woven from strands of life you’ve shared. Guests bring that Before story with them to your ceremony and celebration; the After story will […]

First Apartment

First apartments are always awesome, because they are your first home together. But sometimes, great stories flow out of those small spaces.

Top Tier

Once upon a time, I was a matron of honor, having been sagely married for just over a year. The wedding – gorgeous. The banquet – utterly fantastic. The bride and groom leaving for their new home in Seattle – *sniff, sniff*. I had one job after the wedding: store the top tier of the […]

A View from the Back Row

Seventeen for a few more weeks, days after high school graduation, the bride knows her own mind. Nineteen for a while longer, a transplant from Kentucky after joining the United States Air Force, the groom has earned his place in her heart. Evidences of Sunday worship service fade into the background on a warming May afternoon. […]

The Wedding Ring Quilt

Each stitch of a double wedding ring quilt wraps in the love.

How They Met

I adore family stories. My parents told about events that happened before my time. Later, I would correct them if they didn’t tell a tale the same way. Mom would say that I remembered them better than she did in later life. These stories were written on my heart. Their “how we met” story is […]

The Talk Box

When retirement is more than a gold watch