Wedding Biography

Storytelling has long been a way to forge relationships across generations while preserving meaningful elements of our histories. Through stories, our traditions meet our experiences. They illuminate the past and inform our present.

We are personal biographers, which simply means we are your memory savers and storytellers.

Take care of all your memories, for you cannot relive them.

-Bob Dylan

At Indelible Words, we help you take good care of your memories. From the very earliest writings, biography held vital clues to a past long faded.

Today, your wedding biography is the one place where all the threads of your separate lives and your new life join to weave a rich tapestry – your history. It serves as an enduring testimony to your love, a touchstone for all time. In such a biography, you will experience the moments of your wedding celebrations you did not directly see, hear, taste, or touch. You will relive the jubilation through small moments that your treasured guests enjoyed. And nothing will diminish the memories captured in the pages.

Source Material

Your love is a story that lives in each of you. We come straight to the source to begin your biography.

Through interviewing you and others in your family and bridal party, we gain insights into you as individuals and your love story from its inception – the joy and the bumps. By observing your celebrations, we distill a full and lavish account of both your experiences and the delight of your guests. Then, we write the story of you as a couple. A local bookmaker handcrafts your book cover, finishing the book with hand-sewn binding and embossing.

The result is a story book, a first heirloom, that will appreciate as your marriage grows.



A word about ownership: We strongly believe your story belongs to you. When you hire us to write your story, you retain all rights forever to both your story and our words telling your story. At all times, we are the conduits through which your story is recorded.

Contact us for information or to book your free consultation.

We wish you and yours every good thing for many long, loving years!





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