We provide everything you need to decide if we are the writers for you, including a free consultation with our writers, a thorough timeline, a price list, suggestions for discussing this process with your family, wedding party, and vendors, and contractual terms. When you are ready to reserve your date, we’ll send you a contract to sign and submit with your first payment.

Next, we will send you a couple’s questionnaire to acquaint us with your personal love story, your family and wedding party, your style, your hopes for this project, and your event details. After we review your responses, we will meet with you to discuss any questions we have or fill any gaps. During this first meeting we’ll schedule and arrange any further interviews with you or your family and friends. Soon afterwards, you’ll receive a first review story: a retelling of your courtship or engagement. We’ll revise this first review story based on your refinements, if any, and you can use this story in your wedding materials or website.

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