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How to read the pronouns in these FAQs:

The Client is asking the questions. Indelible Words is answering them.


What does Indelible Words do?

We are your personal biographers, documenting your your love story and wedding celebrations in gorgeous prose. We call our service Chimes.

Why is the wedding biography service called Chimes?

We call our wedding service Chimes to invoke the proverbial wedding bells, but we also chose this term because we provide the service you need to harmonize all the parts of your engagement and wedding.

What form will our wedding biography take?

Your wedding biography will be in book form with a sewn binding. The narrative will read like story, organized and replete with details, weaving together every thread from how you met through your wedding celebrations. We write from a third person perspective in past tense, as this brings together the elements of the story regardless of timing.

Will the Chimes narrative include pictures or original artwork?

We are happy to work with your photographer to include images in your narrative, and we can certainly arrange a working relationship to that end.

You are welcome to provide original artwork for inclusion in your narrative. If you are working with an artist, we can arrange to receive the digital images.

We do not currently employ artists; rather, we focus on writing the details in a voice that feels like your own and formatting a beautiful book.

Will you travel for interviews or observations?

Yes! We gladly travel wherever you need us to be. Our agreement will outline any anticipated travel and video conferencing for interviews.

What does Chimes cost?

Cost varies by wedding, and we’d love to discuss how this unique art can become one of your first heirlooms.

What is the time commitment for Chimes?

Once you book your wedding date, we will establish a timeline for interviewing you and observing your wedding celebrations. You will usually receive the finished book within the first six months after your wedding date.

Will Indelible Words own my story?

No. Absolutely not. You own your story and, upon purchase, you will own our words that tell your story.

Will you publish my story to the world?

No. Your confidentiality and privacy are chief concerns for you and for us.

Can I copy or reprint the biography you write for our wedding?

Yes, you may share your biography in any way you choose, because you own it.

Are there any kinds of couples you refuse to work with?

No. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for clients and our writers. Indelible Words does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, sexual orientation, military, or other status.

Do you ever decline a wedding biography?

A free initial consultation will help the Client(s) and Indelible Words know whether your best wedding biography can come from our relationship.

Here are a few reasons we might decline to work on a specific wedding biography:

Decline based on creative differences

We may decline a project if we feel we are not the very best option based on creative styles and vision.

Decline based on constraints

We may decline a project if time, travel, expense, or other constraints would unreasonably limit the project.

Decline based on abuse

If at any time in the creative relationship Indelible Words’ personnel experience verbal, physical, emotional, or other abuse by the Client(s) or related parties, we may decline to work on or continue work on a project with no penalty to Indelible Words for work already performed.

What will you do at our wedding events?

On the day of each wedding event, our writers will be positioned to observe the elements of the event as well as the guests. We will see with fresh eyes the people, places, and celebrations you hold dear, and we will interpret those interactions and precious moments to tell your story. On the wedding day, we will have at least one writer devoted to documenting the anticipation from both of your perspectives.

What if we cancel the wedding?

We understand that sometimes life intervenes. Our agreement covers unforeseen circumstances so that you will know what to expect.

Why should we invest in a wedding biography?

The investment is not in ink or paper but in history – your own. A biography is the one place where all the threads from your separate lives and your joining life come together like a rich tapestry. It is an enduring testimony to your love. In this book, you will read through moments of the wedding events you didn’t directly see, hear, taste, or touch. You will relive the celebration through the small moments that your treasured guests enjoy, and nothing will diminish the memories captured in the pages.


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